Monday, June 14, 2010

Culture of Corruption: Bob Etheridge (D-SC)

Apparently, it's poor form to ask Congressmen questions on the street. Nevermind that 60 Minutes has been doing this since Methuselah was a pup.

Here's what's billed as the raw video of Etheridge's assault on his questioners:

Now, as assaults go, this is pretty minor stuff, no doubt contained by the presence of the second video camera. Memo to the thug Etheridge: next time, bring some folk from the SEIU to dole out the Ken Gladney treatment.

The Christian Science Monitor asks “Bob Etheridge Incident: What Does He Have to Apologize For?” Beyond general rudeness, swatting at the camera, grabbing the questioner, putting him in a headlock, and general thuggery, I'm not sure. One can only suspect that without the second camera present, he would have behaved even worse.

In fairness to the CSM, the article isn't as clueless as the headline implies.

What we don't know pretty much boils down to the identity of the “students” taking the video. As the video shows, this is not an extraordinarily hostile confrontation. Is it a setup? Does it matter? Even assuming that these are operatives in the pay of the vast right wing conspiracy, all the thug Etheridge has to do is say something like “No, not completely” or “No Comment”, or “Not right now boys, I have to get to a meeting, so call my office”, or some such non-committal drivel. Any one of those responses is so bland that it wouldn't go viral in a bowl of vanilla pudding.

Nobody in the media seemed to care if George Allen's “Macaca” moment was a set up, least of all the Washington Post, but that's all that they will likely care about with this clip.

Thug Etheridge's “apology” can be found here. Certainly reads more like one of those “I'm sorry I got caught” moments than anything substantial. According to the AP, he'd just had a long day. I'm sure that that excuse would have worked for George Allen, and the WaPo would have forgiven all.

Well, they would have, if he had been a Democrat.

It's only a matter of time before some Democrat introduces legislation to make video cameras illegal outside of government sanctioned media outlets. Oh, wait – the FTC is getting ready to put this camel's nose inside the tent....