Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mixed Nuts: Eileen Campo

Who is Eileen Campo? Just part of a group of parasites that expects other electric utility customers to subsidize her heating bill. Even worse, she pulled her kids out of school to fight for the right to have other people pay her bills.

Ms. Campo has been getting the welfare treatment on her electric bills – paid for by the rest of First Energy's customers – since 1992, and is grumpy that the gravy train is coming to a halt. For some reason, we're supposed to be upset that she's going to have to start paying her own bills.

I'd offer her a nickel to buy a clue, but it's apparent that it would just be another instance of throwing good money after bad. Especially after all of us First Energy customers have been chipping in on her utility bills for years.

Still, if you look to the “Citizens for keeping the all-electric promise” (CKAP) manifesto, as published by the Beacon, you'll get a glimpse of why the United States is headed the way of Greece:

  • “A permanent rate differential for all-electric homes that can be passed on to new buyers of the home.

  • Rate relief for homes built after 2007, which did not receive discounts or relief under recent PUCO action.

  • Refunds of overcharges from May 2009 to now.

  • A commitment that FirstEnergy, not other rate payers, should pay for the 'breach of promise.'”


  • I demand that the rest of First Energy's customers pay my bills.

  • I demand that the rest of First Energy's customers pay the bills for those who never got the discount

  • I demand that the rest of First Energy's customers send my money.

  • I believe that the rest of First Energy's customers are too stupid to realize that they are paying for my tantrums.

For some reason, I'm unimpressed with the fierce moral urgency to fork over my cash to pay Ms. Campo's bills. I'm even less impressed with her inculcating her kids into the notion that they should be expecting handouts from the rest of us.

Really, is she so ignorant that she believes that there are fairies sprinkling pixie dust over First Energy's bank accounts so that the rest of the customers are not going to pick up the tab for her foolishness?

Memo to Ms. Campo: There is no magical pot of money that doesn't come from other First Energy customers. First Energy gave you a discount – at my and others' expense – for a number of years. Man up, shut your trap, buy a gas / oil / propane furnace, and stop teaching your kids that they can prey on their neighbors to pay their bills.