Saturday, November 07, 2009

What Casinos in Ohio Really Mean

When you win, you don't really win! It's a machine malfunction! Good luck to Bill Seebeck on collecting his winnings against a bunch of politically connected casino operators. I'm betting on the snowball's chance in H*** as a more likely outcome.

Just so you know the kind of crooks ethically challenged folks Ohio just got into bed with.

Frankly, I've been against any and all casino initiatives.

Like the lottery, casino gambling s a tax on the stupid and mathematically challenged; in other words, a poor tax. To confirm this, all you had to see was the morons on a bus commercial that was in favor of the issue.

But if we're going to legalize gambling, let's legalize gambling, and let anyone open a casino in an appropriate business district. Whys should someone like Gilbert get a constitutionally recognized monopoly and reap monopoly profits?

Well, except for the fact that it will be easier to shake down a couple of owners for campaign contributions than hundreds...;.