Saturday, November 07, 2009


Some Thoughts:

  1. The law of unintended consequences rules. We're having a vote, rushed through, with none of the promised 72 hour review. (that's only 3 days on a 1,000+ page bill). This thing was written by lobbyists; nobody, not Pelosi, not Hoyer, not Obama, knows what the legislative language means at this point. That means that the bill is loaded with stuff nobody wants, other than some lefty nutcases. Sort of like the AIG bonus payments buried in the stimulus bill.

  2. We do know that if you don't buy a Pelosi approved insurance policy, you're going to jail. But don't worry; the cost of the Pelosi approved plan is only about $15,000 annually. No problem in this economy, right?

  3. Abortions will be covered, probably at 100%. The abortion lobby is a key Democratic constituency. Unborn babies don't vote, or, more relevantly, contribute to campaigns. The Stupak fig leaf will be eliminated in House / Senate reconciliation.

  4. The cost estimates – ranging from Pelosi's shade under $900 billion, to Heritage's $2.4 trillion, to Judd Gregg's $3 trillion. Given that no, zero, zip, zilch, nada government entitlement plan has ever come in even close to at or under budget, the $3 trillion is probably only a starting point.