Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama Wins The Nobel Peace Prize

??? Is it April 1 st?

Okaayyyy, I suppose congratulations are in order.....

But what for? Nine months into his term, and he doesn't have any foreign policy successes, certainly nothing earth shattering.

There are plenty of trouble signs – he's busy papering over Iran's rigged elections, protestor beatings, killings, and show trials to get his prized photo op with Ahmadinejad. He's also done nothing to stop their nuclear weapons program, except threaten to use harsh language.

He's also busy selling out US allies (or, soon to be former US allies) like Poland 1 and the Czech Republic to appease the Russians, Israel to appease the hotheads in Tehran, Damascus, Pakistan, Riyadh, and the people of Honduras to to appease Chavez and Castro.

On the domestic front, he's busy crushing the dollar, exponentially increasing debt and deficits through various stimulus packages and bailouts, and he's about to send healthcare in America to third world, or worse, British, standards.

Oh wait, I think that we've found the common thread here.

1. I don't think that the significance of tossing Poland under the bus on the 70 th anniversary of the Soviet invasion was lost on Putin.