Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Those Polish Ingrates

Just don’t understand what blessings that communism brought them.

I’m sure they were surprised to learn that they were plotting an invasion of the Soviet Union, as well as massacring their own men at Katyn.

Best part:

“On Sunday, Dmitry Medvedev, Russia's president, also labelled attempts in the Baltic states, which were also invaded under the pact's terms, to equate Hitler with Stalin as a ‘cynical lie’.”

Not sure what’s so cynical about this – one can argue about which one was actually worse, but both sides have points to make.

On Hilter’s side, we have WWII and the Holocaust.

On Stalin’s side, we have the Soviet induced famines to eliminate the Kulaks, their part as a German ally in WWII, the tyranny of their rule in Eastern Europe, as well as the death toll associated with communist machinations around the world. Oh, and let’s not leave out Vietnam, Korea, the Cold War, the Gulag, etc., etc., etc.

Kind of a toss up; reasonable people can disagree about which one was worse, but combined with Mao, they form the leading triumvirate in the Tyrannical League Dictator’s Hall of Fame.

Fortunately, Nazi-ism is long dead as a governing ideology. Socialism and Communism are still creating poverty, misery, and havoc around the world.