Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Present for Putin

On the 70 th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Poland, President Obama announces that he’s scrapping plans to install missile defense in Europe.

Sure, the CNN article reports that Obama is announcing a “new and improved” plan, the the following suggests that this is just more administration prevaricating.

  1. For a plan that will supposedly “provide capabilities sooner”, there’s absolutely no mention of operational details. No mention of basing, implementation steps, anything other than the vaguest of generalities. Sure, some of this is likely security driven, but something like a timeline would suggest that there is actual activity planned.

  2. No mention of consultation with Poland or the Czech Republic, just a ‘dear john’ phone call. Or for that matter, consultation with any of the NATO member leadership. Lack of assurances for our allies in the region speaks more loudly than announced “plans”.

All that’s left is a concession to Russia, in the same week in which the French are conceding that Iran is working on nuclear weapons. Even t he ostrich crowd at the IAEAagree.

So far, the Obama foreign policy seems eerily similar to Carter’s – a lot of self-righteous bloviating, combined with bullying our allies, and actions that embolden our enemies.