Thursday, September 10, 2009

Joe Wilson, Boor of the Day

An excellent example of being right on the facts, but wrong on the execution.

All Congressman Wilson’s boorish outburst does is make him look like a fool, plays into the leftist meme that only the yokels and morons object to further intrusion of the government into your healthcare, and makes it harder to get people to listen to the facts around the Obama’s pushing more than the nose of the government takeover camel into the healthcare tent.

Worse than that, it leads to run on sentences!

It’s certainly plain that illegals are going to be getting benefits. Sure, Congress has some boilerplate that rules them out, but has already stripped any verification requirements out of the bill.

No serious verification effort = illegal aliens get benefits at the American taxpayer’s expense.

Update: Further verification that while Congressman Wilson may be a jerk, he’s also right.