Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Forget the “Death Panels”

President Obama's gonna talk Granny to death. Seriously, in the space of what, a week? We're treated to a prime time address to a joint session of Congress, appearance on 5 Sunday political gabfests, and an appearance on Letterman.

Perhaps next week, he'll guest on WWE, or maybe “Rock of Love”.

Actually, the WWE thing is somewhat intriguing – would Vince MacMahon cast him as a good guy, or a bad guy, or a good guy who later goes bad, or a bad guy who later goes good? (Ooops, think I just revealed all of the WWE plotlines at this point...).

Perhaps he could partner with the Undertaker in a special healthcare grudge match against the team of Sarah Palin and the Big Show. Get David Axelrod on the line, Stat!

Seriously, somebody needs to explain to the White House that quantity is no guarantor of quality