Thursday, September 17, 2009


It's about time that one of the most corrupt organizations in the country suffered some exposure for their goings-on.

I don't expect the House and Senate funding bans to amount to anything; more than likely, the money for ACORN will be restored in conference committee. The Democrats are too dependent on ACORN / SEIU to do anything else.

And this proposed “audit”? Pullllleeezzzzee. As someone else has noted, an audit committee of a Kennedy, a thug, a guy who lied to the FBI, and a Soros stooge. This is like getting Andy Fastow to audit Enron.

With millions of tax dollars at stake, and ACORN's record of voter fraud, embezzlement, and willingness to engage in tax planning for child prostitution rings, something a tad more rigorous would seem to be indicated.

As an added plus, here's Jon Stewart's take down. Probably the clearest sign that ACORN is about to be consumed by blind pigs.

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