Thursday, August 27, 2009

R.I.P., Senator Edward Kennedy

Probably no better public example of life as a mixed bag – wealthy, privileged, popular Senator, likely to be subject of memorials that will make the Princess Di & Michael Jackson funerals seem to be models of restraint and decorum.

On the other hand you have the Harvard cheating incident, Chappaquiddick, A son with cancer, murdered brothers, family lost in plane crashes, a broken marriage, nephews accused of rape, and an assortment of lesser tragedies.

Given all that went with being a Kennedy of that era, it’s a wonder that any of them avoided a complete nervous breakdown, or could function at all.

He’ll certainly be missed by the Democratic Party; he certainly was effective in moving the liberal agenda forward though the warm, fuzzy haze of bi-partisanship, hoodwinking and outmaneuvering just about any Republican Senator on most pieces of major legislation.

That kind of ability doesn’t grow on trees.

Our prayers go out to the Kennedy family.

Notices: NYT, Reuters