Friday, August 21, 2009

“Bearing False Witness”

If Obama’s against it, perhaps he should stop talking. The old joke about lying politicians (“How do you know when a politician is lying?” “His lips are moving”) is certainly Obama’s operative mode over the Democrat’s plan to nationalize health care.

Given that Obama, Barney Frank, and others have stated that the goal is to move to single payer, there’s absolutely no way that you’ll be allowed to keep your current plan. Mostly because the bureaucrats will burden that plan with so many extra regulations and costs that it will go out of business, forcing you onto the government plan, one even Obama admits will be no better than the post office.

Actually, it’s more likely to be the efficiency of the post office, with the customer service attitude of the IRS, which will be responsible for making sure that you do what Uncle Sam demands.

I’m not sure that I’m comforted by the notion of the President – someone who’s bill is going to pay doctors to apply some pressure during “end of life counseling”, and who’s IMAC board is going to set the parameters about who gets what kind of care, views himself as one of “God’s partner in life and death”. Especially since he, Congress, and the bureaucrats running the system won’t be participants.

But not to worry, if nothing else, it will steer lots of money to Obama’s friends.