Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Tribe Tosses in the Towel

With the trade of Cliff Lee, on 2010, 2011, and probably 2012. The 2009 season seemed to be done around the middle of May.

Not having any knowledge of the prospects involved, it's tough to analyze these types of deals. But the major downside is that most prospects, however highly rated, don't make a contribution at the big league level. Which is why general managers like to stockpile them. It's the reverse of 'chinese marketing' – If I get a billion prospects, some of them have to work out!

Actually, no, they don't.

I'm not 100% sold on the notion that Mark Shapiro is the main problem. However, he did hire Eric Wedge, and has stuck with him, though it's clear that he's not major league manager material. It is clear that the Dolans are a big problem that magnifies all of the other shortcomings in the organization.

So, what's left of value?

Victor Martinez: if he doesn't go by the deadline this year, he'll be gone by the deadline next year.

Jhonny Peralta? Can't play short; doesn't really hit enough to play third. A mediocre player that can't even spell his first name. The 'shortstop of the future' that displaced Omar Vizquel. Peralta has more power, but his OPS isn't that much better than Vizquel's over the past 5 years (though the past two years of Omar at age 41 & 42 have been what you'd expect from a 40 year old). Omar's still a better ballplayer than Peralta.

Travis Hafner? The Hafner of the 2007 - 2008 isn't worth much. In 2009, he's starting to look like a DH. Still nowhere near the Hafner of 2004 – 2006. At 32, there's not much upside. Maybe someone is desperate for a left handed bat.

Grady Sizemore is worth a lot, but you have to have some name that the fans recognize. Probably as a Yankee.