Monday, July 13, 2009

The Democrats and National Security 

As a party, the Democrats seem fixated on weakening national security. As evidence, take the latest Cheney dust up.

Post 9/11, the CIA starts working on a plan to find and assassinate key al Queda leaders. So far, so good. It’s what you would expect them to do. Under orders from Vice President Cheney, the existence of the project may have been kept from Congress, probably for two reasons:

  1. it was still in the talk / research phase;

  2. by informing Congress, the chances of the project details showing up on the front page of the New York Times increase exponentially. The more people who know, the more potential leakers.

The project then apparently died a natural death, either due to impractabilty or bureaucratic inertia.

But now, for some strange reason, it’s a critical, criminal lapse on the part of the VP and CIA to not inform Congress of a plan that never became operational.

Perhaps everyone should simply start informing Congress of everything that they didn’t do. It’s certainly a measure of Cheneyphobia that this is even worthy of mention.

A cynic might possibly note the timing of the recurrence of the “Bush / Cheney evil criminal masterminds” theme following Obama’s recent decline at in the polls. It’s certainly an easier story to sell than economy wrecking energy and healthcare legislation.