Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Democratic Blamestorming

It’s all the Republican’s Fault! Certainly, the R’s had a high degree of complicity in the current mess; after an initial burst of sense in the areas of taxes, most of GWB’s domestic policy was center left – more new entitlement programs, expansion of the regulatory state, corporate welfare, etc. etc., essentially a domestic policy of Obama Lite.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration has sought to exponentially increase all of these trends: the huge yet-to-stimulate stimulus bill. The proposed corporate welfare program known as tax and trade, and now the takeover of healthcare.

All of which involve fresh government spending in the trillions, and will entail higher taxes, increased debt and deficits, and will dramatically reduce the potential for economic growth in the future. Since Obama has promised big tax increases by letting the Bush cuts expire, and is now planning significant additional increases in taxes to “pay” for the government take over of the energy and healthcare industries.

Since the Democrats have had control of Congress since 2006, and now have substantially increased their majorities in both houses to a filibuster proof 60 in the Senate, it’s hardly the Republican’s fault that the Democrats haven’t been able to pass tax and trade or succeed in putting ACORN in charge of deciding if your mother gets a pacemaker, pain killer, or just put out on an ice floe.