Monday, June 15, 2009

On Iran, Obama Votes “Present”

Do Presidential statements get any weaselier than “deeply troubled”?

The first problem is that he didn’t call for an independent investigation. The second, more troubling problem is this:

“The president was asked whether the election dispute and related violence had prompted him to change his mind about seeking a dialogue with Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. Mr. Obama said his position has not changed.”

Essentially, this is an admission that it doesn’t matter what atrocities Ahmedinejad commits against the protesters. Obama will sit down with him anyway.

Don’t think that this message will be lost on dictators from North Korea, to Syria, Iran, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, or Venezuela. Or for that matter, the protesters in Iran.

Granted, the “moderate” Mousavi, is only likely to be superficially better, since the mullahs retain complete de facto power over most of the government.