Monday, June 29, 2009

Moving the Goalposts

Even ABC’s Rick Klein has noticed that the Obama kidz have moved on to the “ switch” part of the “ bait-n-switch” of the stimulus bill.

The bill was passed as an emergency, with just about no one having any understanding of all of the details. It was supposed come with incredible transparency and accountability, and “ create or save” millions of jobs.

Even the weasel measure of “create or save”* hasn’t been good enough to cover up the ineptitude of this administration.

And we haven’t even gotten to the inevitable fraud and corruption that this is going to cause. Even Biden now admits that billions are going to be wasted.

Of course, the whole fraud thing is harder to root out, once you start firing the Inspectors General for investigating you politically connected supporters’ misuse of funds.

The TARP bill, passed under similar circumstances, is also notably laden with problems, from the AIG bonuses, to payments to distillers, to channeling money to GE.

Look for even more with the Obama / Pelosi / Waxman cap-n-tax bill.

So much for transparency, accountability, and openness. In Obama’s Bailoutistan, everything’s an emergency, there’s no time to even completely assemble the bills before congressional votes, and you can’t get taxpayer money to your cronies fast enough. .

* As long as there are 3 million Americans left with jobs, the bill’s a technical success. Woohooo!!!