Monday, June 08, 2009

Fraud in Gaza?

That’s a shock. Who would have thought that a part of the world where a doughty little “freedom fighter” like Yasser Arafat could wind up with a billion dollar fortune* would be plagued with fraud and corruption?

Unfortunately, my first response to this story was “ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!”. And, try as I might, I’m still unable to gin up much sympathy for folks who invested in smuggling tunnels run by terrorist militias like Hamas to make a quick buck getting taken to the cleaners.

The truly sad thing is that had the Palestinians ever gotten serious about peace with Israel, they probably could have had a state decades ago. As long as they are going to allow Gaza and the West Bank to be launching vehicles for rocket attacks and car bombings, things are not likely to improve.

* I’m sure that he just got ahead by clipping coupons and being careful with the housekeeping money, not by plundering foreign aid intended for "his" people.