Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Culture of Corruption, Cuyahoga County Small Fry Edition

J. Kevin Kelley, Kevin Payne, Daniel Gallagher, and Brian Schuman are up on a variety of charges* for conspiracy, corruption, fraud, etc., etc., related to kickbacks, bribes, trips to Vegas, etc. for various contracts with Cuyahoga County agencies.

These are the kinds of small time grifters bureaucrats who will be making deciding where you will fall on the waiting list for treatment under the Obama healthcare scheme.

* Funny, no mention of party affiliation. Granted, outside of Kelley’s School Board position, none of these folks were elected to anything, but given their connections to the Cuyahoga County government, Jimmy Dimora, and Frank Russo, I think that we can likely rule out Republican.

Update: Cuyahoga County Engineer Robert Klaiber was ‘blindsided’ by the revelations of corruption going on in his office. I’m not sure why; this sort of behavior seems pretty common in one party urban governments.

At this point Klaiber doesn’t appear to have been charged with anything, but wants to complete the remaining 3 years left on his term. Since management doesn’t appear to be his strong suit, he should consider having independent audits of all of the major bids, as well as an outside review of the bidding process to try to buy back some credibility.