Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yet More Obama Tax Increases on the Way

Now the Dear Leader is set to come after your health insurance, medical savings accounts, and cola. Another big tax increase on the middle class. 

Given that there simply aren’t enough rich people to fund another multi trillion dollar welfare program; this can’t e a shock to anyone. Well, anyone other than the rubes who voted for Obama.  

Interesting that Obama blasted McCain on some of these very things, while ignoring the fact that at least McCain was offering an offsetting tax credit.  

Apparently, the makers of Splenda have some clout: 

The committee also proposed levying the first federal tax on sugary beverages. That would apply to soft drinks, fruit and vegetable drinks, energy and sports drinks, iced teas, iced coffees and flavored milk and dairy drinks. It wouldn't apply to drinks sweetened with noncaloric sweeteners.” 

This is likely to be coupled with increased subsidies for the big sugar and corn syrup producers, so they probably won’t complain too much.