Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Unsurprising Headlines

Millionaires go Missing”. Tax something, and you get less of it. Millionaires included; both people and capital are highly mobile. It doesn't take much for the truly rich to rejigger their residency to a state like Florida where they're appreciated, from a state like Maryland, where they're despised.

We're Out of Money”. Obama tries to blame his multi-kajillion dollar deficits and debt run up will be fixed if we... waste more money on government run health care. Even in Obama's Bailoutistan, there was never enough wealth to bail out all of his politically connected corporate and union friends. Even allowing for his pillaging of Mom and Pop's retirement funds invested in Chrysler and GM bonds. Having the government seize control of you doctor isn't going to do much to cut costs, until your doctor is mandated to restrict treatments.

Defiant North Korea Fires Rockets, Blames U.S.” Another shocker. Who would have thought? Time to beef up the number of standing Army units a bit. Might want to reconsider that ban on updating the nuclear arsenal. For deterrents to deter, they have to, you know, be thought of as working weapons.