Monday, May 18, 2009

Mixed Nuts: Andrew Mizsak

Pick a Mizsak, any Mizsak. It doesn't matter much which one; they're all nuts. Andrew the “Dad”, Andrew the son – he may be 28, but his emotional age seems more like 3, or “Mom” Paula, who comes off comparatively well in this article, mostly because she's not mentioned much.

Note to Andrew, either “Father” or son: One of you is 28, living in your parent's basement, and not even paying rent. To say that this makes you a loser is an insult to losers everywhere. There is no political career for a 270 lb tub that can't even pull enough dough in to make it into subsidized housing.

Somebody needs to grow up, be a man, clean up your room, eat your vegetables, get a haircut and get a real job. Could be either one, or both.