Sunday, May 10, 2009

Marc Dann's "Rehabilitation"

Just when you thought it was safe, Marc Dann is back, playing the “i t wasn't really that bad” card.

Frankly, from Dann's perspective, he and his cronies working to turn the Ohio A.G.'s office into a combination of personal ATM and “gentlemen's club” should probably qualify him for a cabinet post in the Obama Administration. After all, if they're hiring tax cheats like Tim Geithener et al., why should Dann have to lose his job?

No word yet on when the Oprah repentance tour starts, but it has to be soon.

Somewhat surprising in all of this mess is Robert Hagan's coming to Dann's defense, saying that only a reprimand was in order. Apparently Hagan's OK with sexual harassment, misappropriation of funds, hiring completely unqualified friends, etc. Though I guess for the Youngstown Democratic Party, Dann qualifies as honest....