Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dennis Willard Brings Good News

That the OH Senate Republicans have at least temporarily torpedoed Gov. Strickland's education plan.

Of course, Willard doesn't quite put it that way, preferring to whine about the failure of everyone to bow before the superior wisdom of Strickland's “evidence based plan”.

But somehow, around paragraph 34 or 35, he gets around to admitting that there's not much “evidence” involved in the Governor's plan. He's also man enough to admit – somewhere around paragraphs 25 – 30 or so, that the state also doesn't have any money to splurge to the AFT / NEA's demands.

Everybody knows that the Strickland plan is based on trying to give the unions what they want. The only disagreement is about whether or not this would be a good thing. In order to pay off his political cronies in the unions, bits of evidence that we won't be seeing are related to the performance of Akron, Cleveland, or Cincinnati schools compare to private schools, charter schools, or home schools. Because that would be inconvenient.

It would also play against the need to remove local voter control over taxes (where the unions have minimal clout) to Columbus (where the unions have maximum clout).

At the end of the day, it's all about raiding your wallet to benefit the politically connected.