Thursday, May 28, 2009

Culture of Corruption: Roland Burris (D-IL)

I think that we’re all agreed that Roland Burris is weasel who shouldn’t be dogcatcher, let alone in the Senate. I think that we can also agree that the only reason he’s in the Senate is that Pay Rod Blagojevich thought that Burris was going to deliver a big check to Blago’ campaign fund.

 Where it gets dicey is that events transpired in such a way that Burris didn’t actually have to cut the check.

 Given his changing stories, and the continuing drip of new allegations and evidence, it’s tough not to conclude that there wasn’t a quid pro quo here.

 Burris is a worthy replacement for Wm. “Freezer” Jefferson, and is probably on Obama’s short list for the new cabinet level post of Ethics Czar. He’ll certainly fit right in with the rest of the rest of the tax cheats.