Monday, April 20, 2009

What to Do

When you can’t blame Bush anymore? An interesting piece. Obama will certainly be there soon, if he isn’t already.

As Diehl notes in the first link above, his Korea policy doesn’t look much different from GW Bush’s. The North Koreans, on the other hand, know that as long as they don’t push China too far, they can do whatever they want. And what they want is to drag out negotiations, precipitate additional crises, and bribe and bully the world into subsides and concessions. From the North Korean perspective, they’v e been working this schtick so long that they can do it in their sleep.

He’s essentially conceded nuclear weapons to Iran by dropping the demand that they stop enrichment as a condition for talks. As a result, the Iranians continue to pursue nuclear weapons, and have jailed an American – Iranian journalist for spying. Iran is certainly smart enough to copy the North Korean playbook.

If Amadinejad frees Roxana Saberi, he looks like a moderate hero to the western press, and it also serves as a meaningless concession. If he doesn’t , he still gets to look like he tried, and well, Obama shouldn't even have expected a meaningless concession from this crowd.