Saturday, April 11, 2009

Welcome Back, Carter

Is there a President in the house?

Doesn't seem like it. The North Koreans are busy testing missiles with enough range to reach U.S. Territory, and the The One threatens... well, he may try to get the U.N. to authorize the use of harsh language against them. However, even his U.N. Envoy, Susan Rice, is downplaying the possibility. Oh, wait! T he U.N. Is actually going to do something! It's going to issue a declaration! Huzzah! Oops, sorry, it's not even as conclusive as a declaration; it's a 'statement'.

Russia is also testing new ICBM systems. So far, not much comment from The One.

Iran is busy building the infrastructure to build nuclear weapons.

And those pesky, distracting Somali pirates are busy taking Americans captive and continuing to hijack ships.

Whilst the administration ' mulls' what to do.