Thursday, April 02, 2009

Mixed Nuts: Ann Homes Redding

In a bit of shocking news, it turns out that even the Episcopal Church has standards.

Granted, the're not very high, but at leastaways, there's a line in the sand someplace.

Meet Ann Holmes Redding, an Episcopalian “minister” who became a Muslim, and is Shocked! Shocked! To find that she can't continue her day job.

To be perfectly fair to Ms. Redding, the Episcopal Church will ordain just about anybody, as long as they hold to the peculiar set of Episcopalian PC beliefs. Women? Check. Forget about that old mysogonist grump, the Apostle Paul. Gays? Check. Again, it's that silly Paul guy, this time in his homophobic role. Just cause the silly wants to adhere to Christ's commands or something really, really outdated or something. Orthodox Christians? Not so much. Indeed, heresy has certainly seemed the fast track to a bishopric – see the cases of Gene Robinson or John Shelby Spong.

I'm with her; beats me why they're drawing the line at Muslims. Especially since the Archbishop of Canterbury is busy endorsing Sharia.

Still, you would have to have a heart of stone – and be brain dead as well – not to have a laugh over this woman who must be among the most useful of useful idiots ever. Honestly, child, the claims of Christ and the claims of Muhammad are completely exclusive. Every adult knows this. A man cannot serve two masters; either he will love the one, and hate the other...