Monday, April 06, 2009

Fury in Seol, Japan

Get used to it.

Obama's not the first US President to want to rid the world of nuclear weapons. Every President since Johnson has pretty much said the same thing. The problem with Obama's Carteresque foreign policy is that it plays straight into the theme of American fecklessness.

Given the administration's defacto capitulation to North Korea* and and Iran developing nuclear weapons, and the likely look the other way as they market them through out the world, if I was Japan, South Korea, or any of another half dozen countries, I'd be launching my own nuke program as fast as I could.

Because if you're attacked, this administration isn't going to do anything more than mumble a few ineffective protests at the U.N. And everybody but Obamaphiles and the media know what that's worth.

*Granted, the missile may well have failed. They'll keep after it until they get it right. It's not like this is going to have any kind of adverse consequences for them? More isolated than ever?

Please. By anyone's definition, North Korea was plenty isolated before this. But they still have China and Russia in their corner, if only to make the U.S. look impotent.