Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama's Staffing Contretemps Continue With

Another less than sterling nominee.

Though it’s not entirely clear who’s the bigger creep: Ray Mabus, Obama’s prospective Secretary of the Navy, or Rev. Jerry McBride.

Essentially, Mabus and his wife were in the middle of a messy divorce in 1998. Upon advice of his lawyer, he surreptitiously taped counseling session with between himself, his wife, and Rev. McBride.

With the Rev. McBride’s knowledge.

No one, however, saw fit to inform Mrs. Mabus that she was on tape. A tape that would later be used against her in the divorce proceeding. Without actually listening to the tape, it’s difficult to tell whether either man actively baited Mrs. Mabus into saying things she shouldn’t, but it’s not exactly improbable that they did.

So, Mr. Mabus certainly fits right in with the ethics of the Obama crew, but I'm sure that this is necessarily a dis qualifier. Especially in light of The Geithner Standard.

The Rev. McBride, on the other hand, seems uniquely unqualified for parish ministry. You can’t have a ministry of reconciliation when one side is busy taping the sessions for use as evidence later. The fact that Rev. McBride was either a willing accomplice, or too dimwitted to understand the implications of what was going on strongly suggests that he’s not suited for ministry work.

Way to go, chump.