Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama's Only Successful Domestic Policy

Full employment for shady politicians. At least this guy isn't a tax cheat. That we know of. So far.

Adolfo Carrion has a house sized potential conflict of interest. Mr. Carrion is / was Bronx Borough President, a man with $15,000 in credit card debt, $500,000 in mortgage debt, and a $5,000 revolver loan from Chase can scare up the cash to pay an architect to draw up plans to remodel his porch and balcony?

I'm sure that it's a pure coincidence that a) Carrion is refusing to release what he paid the architect; b) that the architect had a multi million dollar project in the works which required Carrion's approval; c) said architect and his partners and associates in the development deal cought up $74,000 to Carrion's re-election campaign fund, and d) the project was approved in 'timely' fashion.

Those dots practically connect themselves.

If you're a pol with a history of shady dealings, tax evasion, and no recognizable other talents, there's a cushy job waiting for you in the Obama administration.