Monday, March 16, 2009

Obama Channels McCain

Why just last week, it was the early 1930’s again, and we were all headed to live in Hooverville. Today, the economy is “ fundamentally sound”. What’s changed?

Certainly, you can’t claim that the Obama Reid Pelosi Debt plan saved the day. We haven’t even started to burn that cash yet.

This is dangerous territory for Obama. If the economy is fundamentally sound, there’s not much justification for his massive fearmongering campaign to nationalize medical care, the rump that remains of non-government education, the auto industry, and energy production, etc. Indeed, he’s in danger of letting a good crisis go to waste!

The level of hypocrisy over all of this is staggering. Just imagine the Press’s reaction to having a gaggle of Bush aides wandering around saying something like this post 9/11. Now, you may argue that the GWB crowd really believed it, but was too smart to admit to it in public. Which certainly says something negative about the Obama team.

Interesting that Obama’s now adopting another bit of the McCain campaign he savaged earlier –" taxing your health insurance benefits.