Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mendenhall v Plusquellic

The recall fight is apparently about to get underway.

 Now, I’m no fan of Plusquellic, but he did win the last election, and as far as I know, has committed no atrocity on the body politic since. No criminal outrages, scandals, spectacular bouts of incompetence, etc.

 Sure, his indentured servitude for high schoolers idea was a big flaming pile of burning pig by-products, but the voters rejected it. Sure, he’s busy looking for more ways to waste the taxpayer’s money, and yet more ways to take more of what you earn.

 In short, he’s pretty much performed consistently with his history.

 These are all excellent reasons for regular elections where the voters have the choice of tossing the bums out. Once elected, a politician should be able to finish his term.

 None of these reasons are good enough reason for a recall election. 

 Keep in mind things could always get worse – anybody remember Gray Davis, former governor of California, who lost a recall election and was replaced by Da Arnold? I supposed there’s a theoretical case to be made that had Davis continued, California would be in even worse shape today, but it’s certainly not face smackingly obvious.