Monday, March 09, 2009

Know-Nothingism on Parade in Connecticut

Thought that anti-Catholic bigotry was a thing of the past?

Think again, because a pair of half witted Connecticut legislators are bent on exposing their prejudice for the world to see.

Submitted for your approval: Michael Lawlor and Andrew McDonald, a couple of Democrats with an axe to grind. Specifically, they are unhappy with the Church being, well, the Church, and the fact that the Church has not uniformly embraced positions of which they approve.

Now, one notes in passing that the pretext* here is the embezzlement of parish funds, which is illegal in just about every jurisdiction in Christendom without their meddling. There may be a case to be made for all organizations relying on a certain dollar value of donations on the part of the public to have independently audited financial statements. Of course, that logic could apply to the unions as well, but you'll never see a Democratic legislator ask a union to meet the disclosure requirements that any publicly traded corporation would have to meet.

Now, I'm far from Catholic, having been by turns Lutheran, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, and now 'non-denominational'. Through all of that, from the Episcopalian bit onwards, I've always been the kind of Calvinist that would have made John Calvin's skin crawl, so you won't be seeing me with Scott Hahn on ETWN anytime soon,.

Interesting to note how eagerly the left is embracing bigotry and antisemitism these days.

* I'd call it a straw man, but straw men are more substantial than this rationale, which broke the legendary Boring Made Dull Lame-O-Meter.

Update: The Know Nothings are beaten back. For the moment.