Saturday, March 21, 2009

Culture of Corruption: Pete Stark and Elliot Engel

So, Pete Stark (D-CA) is claiming that Maryland is his primary residence to cut his tax bill. It's also interesting to note that a) he's officially claiming to live with his in laws (aren't you a bit old for that, Pete?), and b) how does a Congressman afford a 6.35 acre estate worth $1.6 million?

Also feature in today's rogue's gallery is Eliot Engel (D-NY), up for the same offence claiming Maryland as his primary residence to evade taxes. It's a $1 million dollar home.

Now we know why nobody does anything about tax cheats like Charlie Rangel and Timmy Geithner – they are all doing it. It's also why Congressional Democrats favor high taxes - they don't pay them.

It's a government of Leona Helmsleys.

HT: Taxprof