Monday, March 09, 2009

Charles Freeman's Employers,

The Saudis, give a 75 year old woman gets 40 lashes, 4 months in chokey, and deportation. For having two men in her house.

So, why is it that we're supposed to give “Chas” Freeman an important national security position? He's been on both the Saudi and Chinese payrolls at the same time. One suspects that the only reason he didn't wind up on the North Korean, Cuban, Iranian, Syrian, Russian, and Venezuelan payrolls is that the phone was busy when they called.

And if you're in favor of civil liberties, like holding protests and whatnot, h e's also in favor of a national id system. Just so the government will have an easier time cracking down on any local “ Tienanmen square” types.

After Hillary's hijinks with the Russians, I think it's safe to say that we can rule out “smart” diplomacy; apparently, the only real change in foreign policy is to simultaneously become more corrupt and inept than ever.

Update: Freeman withdraws. Another poorly chosen and unvetted appointee. It's like a habit or something.