Monday, February 09, 2009

Why Not Tax Cuts?

Because spending increases the government’s power over the economy. Tax cuts increase the citizens power over the economy.

Allowing the citizen to keep more of their money generates freedom. Increasing taxes creates dependency. If you cut taxes, politicians can’t take credit for doling out the pork and “saving” the economy. Dependency is the lifeblood of the state, as least for Pres. Obama, Sen. Reid, and Con. Pelosi. .

In order to do the kinds of things that we need to do to solve the current economic mess, things like get spending under control, live within our means, and focus on the future, we need to reduce indebtedness. The primary way to do that, and put people back to work, is to increase business profitability. Cuts in business tax rates or employment taxes would do this at a much lower cost than all of the spending programs currently on the table.

But now we’re back to the core issue – without the massive stimulus debt plan, there’s no increase in the number of those depending on handouts.