Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mixed Nuts: The NYU “Takeover”

This is high-larry-ous. Did environment (NYU) or genetics make these morons? Even these sorry excuses for humans raise philosophical questions.

If ever a video captured a self important, whiney, condescending-whilst-snots-dripping-down-your-nose student, this is it.

This video alone will reduce the value of a NYU degree to the equivalent of one granted by the “ Famous Artist's School of Las Vegas” (As seen on matchbook covers!)

One has to hand it to the NYU cops. Properly bored by these juveniles, there's not a trace of “ brutality”. Frankly, I'm surprised that they managed to stay awake through this entire bit of spoiled kids “speaking truth to power” business. Of course, outside of the USA, Canada, and Western Europe, these punks would have been beaten by cops within an inch of their lives. And then they would have been tasered. And then sent to a re-education camp.

But of course these kids knew that in the west there's no real consequence to this kind of behavior. The kid with the camera will probably get a book deal and appearance on Oprah.

But I can't wait to find out the real name of Mr. “we're doing this by consensus!” running the video camera. If ever anyone was destined for the mixed nuts hall of fame, no questions asked, this 40 watt bulb has the inside track.