Saturday, February 21, 2009

Maybe Obama Will Let Us Keep Some Change

Bloomberg reports on Obama’s speech to the mayors on the Obama-Reid-Pelosi Debt Plan:

“President Barack Obama said his administration is requiring ‘unprecedented responsibility and accountability’ as the nation implements a $787 billion economic-stimulus package enacted this month.

‘The American people are watching,’ Obama told a group of about 85 mayors at the White House today. ‘They need this plan to work, and they expect to see the money they worked so hard to earn spent in its intended purpose without waste, inefficiency or fraud.’”

This enormous boondoggle that places a huge burden of debt, taxation, and ruin on the next generation – and probably the current one as well - was written by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, and rushed to a vote without anyone having concrete knowledge of what may or may not be included in the bill.

But it's transparent, right? At least as long as we're willing to define 'transparent' can be translated as 'opaque', and 'accountable' as 'transfer enormous amounts of wealth to politically connected unions, corporations, and politicians at the expense of everyone else.

But yet Obama is on stage promising “On this I will not compromise or tolerate any shortcut”. This from a man who’s already tossed aside his promise to post bills online for public comment prior to signing, and where Congress likewise tossed aside similar rules.

This is not a recipe for “responsibility and accountability”. It’s a recipe for waste, fraud, and abuse.

They mayors understand that these are just idle words, a bit of pretense for the rubes who are picking up the tab for this bit of folly.