Sunday, February 22, 2009

Firelands Winery

Shows up in a brief feature on the PD Business Page, called “My Biggest Mistake”. The sub head is “Business Pros Reveal Their Biggest Mistakes and How They Fixed Them”.

If this is the biggest mistake that Claudio Salvador makes in running his business, he's going to be on easy street:

“ My biggest mistake was thinking too small. New wineries may not have products on the shelves or have distribution channels, but we're all after market share. You have to step out of your comfort zone in order to survive.”

A trifle on the platitudinous side. Sounds like he's reading from one of those motivational posters.

  • A mistake is not having funds available to make payroll.

  • A mistake is adopting the sanitation methods of the Peanut Corporation of America as a “best practice”.

  • A mistake is believing someone is telling the truth when they say, “I'm from the IRS, and I'm here to help”.

  • A mistake is thinking that it would be a good idea to put a Lake Erie Walleye head in every bottle of your wine, sort of like the worms in tequila.

Being cautious about expansion when you're not sure you know what you are doing is prudent.

Firelands sounds like it would be an interesting subject of a longer length feature. Attempting to hammer the story into this format was more of a problem with the PD than Mr. Salvador.

Best wishes to Mr. Salvador and his team at Firelands Winery. They sound like they've figured out the biggest problem: understanding when they need to get help.