Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Daschle Returns to Lobbying

So, Tom Daschle has withdrawn. Tax cheating turns out to have big implications for Tom. Cost him the National Health Czar position. And the millions in later lobbying fees, speaker fees, and “ consulting work” that would have followed. Not to mention the kickbacks from actually being “health czar”.

Between Daschle, Geithner, and Killefer, the overwhelming message is that paying taxes is for schmucks.

Now Dascle's damaged goods, reduced to the level of a Freezer Jefferson. No sense in paying this guy for “advice”; might as well curry favor with those in real power.

And when Obama flack Robert Gibbs says things like “We're comfortable with the vetting process”, the translation is “We're comfortable with crooks and tax cheats in the Obama Administration.” This from the superior judgment crowd...

When President Obama says “ he supported Daschle's nomination 'absolutely.'”, the translation is that high taxes are good for you, but he and his cronies won't bother to pay them. Until it becomes convenient to do so, or otherwise unavoidable.

Still, Daschle isn't the only democratic 40 watt bulb in the closet. No doubt there's someone every bit ad petty, partisan, and clueless as Daschle waiting for a post like this.