Sunday, February 01, 2009

Culture of Corruption: Tom Daschle

Daschle's actual tax bill comes in at $128,000. That's the taxes due for his use of a limo and driver. A tax bill roughly the equivalent of the entire income of a family in the top 20% of American households.

Mr. Washington Revolving Door went strait from a loss of his Senate seat to a million dollar a year gig “consulting” for a Democratic Party fat cat. Nice work if you can get it. Not that any real work was likely to occur.

Of course, if you hid the income required to generate a $128,000 tax bill from the IRS, you would be in jail. Unless you're an Obama appointee. Then you get a cabinet job, plus the opportunity to go back into “ consulting” for 7 figure income once your gig is up.

Like Geithner, none of this would have been paid had he not been nominated for a job by Pres. Obama.

Washington still has one set of rules. But only the Republicans are expected to play by them.

Oh, by the way, Dashle's already been bought and paid for by folks with money at stake in his healthcare takeover.

If Pay Rod Blagojevich had kept his mouth shut, he'd fit right in with the Obama team.