Thursday, February 19, 2009

Burris & Blagojevich

Certainly sounds like a bad vaudeville act, and is starting to play like one.

The way things are going, they’ll be sharing a room at Le Hotel Greybar.

First Burris only talked to one guy about getting Pay-Rod’s imprimatur for the Senate. Then it was 6 guys. Or maybe it was one guy, but 6 phone calls. Or six calls on three phones to 4 guys. Tune in tomorrow; He'll change his story again. But he wasn’t going to raise money for Pay Rod. Then he was. But couldn’t find anyone willing to contribute, so there’s no problem, right?


If Burris can keep this just to the Senate “Ethics” committee, he's on easy street.

What a crew. Blagojevich. Charlie Rangel. Chris Dodd. John Murtha. Hillary Clinton. Freezer Jefferson. Tim Geithner. Tom Daschle. Hilda Solis.

Democrats and the culture of corruption: it's a target rich environment.