Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Really Inconvienient Truth

Environmentalist efforts to restrict energy production and raise energy prices hurt the poor. What’s surprising about this piece is that they’ve found some clergy who aren’t afraid to bring up the topic.

This only stands to reason, with the costs of utilities, transportation, and food making up a higher percentage of the poor’s income than they do for the middle class.

Increase the costs of energy through carbon taxes or cap and trade rationing, and the costs of living for the poor go up. Further diversion of investment funds into uneconomical wind and solar farms doesn’t do much for the poor either.

At least if we were diverting investment into nuclear power plants, we’d get a pretty reliable source of power, even if the plant wasn’t justified on an economic basis. And the resulting power generated wouldn't be subject to the whims of a Putin, Chavez, or what's-his-name the nut in Tehran.