Thursday, January 08, 2009

Minor Cost Cutting at UA and Kent State

$800,000 between these two schools can only be considered trivial.

You’ll know that cost control is serious when they get around to axing some of the Victim Studies departments.

Even if you believe that higher education is the key to a rosy economic future, then a) most of the university mission should be shaped around vocational efforts in math, science, engineering, and business, and b) entrance standards should be raised, especially for the non-vocational “liberal arts” areas.

Not everyone in the philosophy department should be pursuing a state subsidized degree.

For that matter, ending state subsidies might very well wind up restructuring who goes to college and why, as well as discouraging the universities from adding to their fixed cost base by building fancy recreation centers. It’s certainly true that the presence of easy federal aid and loans has greatly increased the ability of the universities to increase tuitions.

And fees – don’t forget fees.