Monday, January 19, 2009

Letters from La La Land

For some unknown reason, I clicked over to the Letters to the Editor section of the Beacon's website. I'd recommend this for anyone who needs a clue about why our civilization is in trouble.

From the January 19 th edition:

From Ms. Susan Z. Vogelsang of Akron, an unexceptional paean to Dr. King on his holiday.

Mr. Richard Neel of Uniontown urges folk to go out and vote on the Lake School District levy in the Feb 3 special election. He's agin' it, but wants voters to at least take it seriously.

Ms. Julie Vandersommers is fed up with the excessive student fees at the University of Akron. Just wait till they start billing her for the football stadium.

Mr. Kevin Conner wants the Democratic Party to pull together for the common good. This is the first step to realizing that “Hope and Change” really means “more of the same, except this time with goodies for corrupt union leaders”.

So far, nothing exceptional.

Then we come to one Rev. Werner Lange, someone who apparently got his degree by answering matchbook ad from the Famous Theologians School of Los Vegas. This is far and away an entry into the 40 watt bulb hall of fame for the ethically challenged, in a letter titled “ Gaza slaughter violates King's principles”:

“The ongoing slaughter in Gaza violates every norm of civilization, as well as every principle for which the Rev. Martin Luther King stood.

In his eulogy for three of the martyred children killed in church by a terrorist bomb in 1963, King said, 'These children — unoffending, innocent and beautiful — were the victims of one of the most vicious and tragic crimes ever perpetrated against humanity.'”

So far, one would expect that he'd be a bit critical of Hamas, no? After all, they started this thing by launching thousands of rockets into Israel... but “Rev.” Lange makes no mention of that. Hamas launches rocket attacks from schools to increase the likelihood of children's deaths, but no mention of that. But the “ Rev.” does go on:

“The same condemnation can be, and should be, leveled against Israel's mass murder through state terrorism of over 300 Palestinian children, many of them shot to death.

As horrific as the Ku Klux Klan bombing was in Alabama back then, Israel's slaughter in Gaza today is a hundred times worse. So why the roaring silence?”

Rev. Werner Lange
Newton Falls

Why yes, of course! It's all the fault of the Jews for not allowing their children to be blown up by rockets and suicide bombers!. No doubt it's all part of the International Jewish Banking Conspiracy!

There's a nice bit of false moral equivalence for you. Once suspects that attempting to provide “Rev.” Lange with a clue is a waste of time, but here goes:

Hamas, Hizbollah, and Fatah and their paymasters in Iran and Saudi Arabia don't want peace. They want to obliterate Israel and the Jews. They haven't been shy about saying this. No government can simply sit around while it's citizens are being systematically targeted for extinction by barbarians.

Dr. King's non-violence movement has one critical assumption: the basic civilization of the oppressors. It would not have worked against Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or Pol Pot. It's not going to work against Chavez or the Thuggocracy running Iran.

If the Palestinian leadership wanted peace and a two state solution, they could have it. Precisely because the Israelis are civilized, they would probably respond to the tactics of non violence.

It would probably take quite a while – the Palestinian record invites caution – but it could be done.

It's not that the Israeli record is immune from criticism, but the realities are different from a cozy, safe, book lined study in Newton Falls than from a bomb shelter when you're trying to keep your family from being blown up in a rocket attack.