Sunday, January 18, 2009

James Hansen, A Useful Idiot?

Well, useful to whom, and under what conditions?

James Hansen, you'll recall, is the 'scientist' supposedly 'muzzled' by the Bush Administration who was barely able to get out approximately 257,323 interviews during his incarceration at NASA in the gulag.

It's at least worth a cynical snicker Obama' time frame to save the world is exactly the same as – a Presidential term (starting Tuesday – one expects that Hansen is willing to concede two day's grace). No evidence of the 4 year countdown to disaster is presented.

Is James Hansen merely a Cindy Sheehan style idiot, someone who's rantings were useful against Bush, but now irrelevant trivia to the Obama Administration?

Or is he still a useful idiot, allowed to wander around in public so that we can all think that well, maybe Obama's going a little to far, but it could be worse – he could be listening to that Hanson idiot.

Perhaps if we could have muzzled all the hot air that Hansen has put out, global warming climate change could have been averted.


Memo to Jimmy: No confident government is going to go along with your scheme and consign its people to poverty. India, China, and Russia certainly won't. Only the wish-we'd-never-been-born Euro weenies and their sympathizers in the Obama Administration are going to play nice.

Oh, and those euroweenies? Expect 'em to talk big, but not deliver. Unless the benefits of delivery enrich their political classes enough to overcome their fear of the citizenry.

Come to think of it, that describes America as well. 'ceptin we've got guns.

Prediction: Obama is interested in concentrating all power into Washington. His only interest is making everyone dependent on Uncle Sam. To the extent that global warming is useful to expanding state power, it's a good thing. Once it starts to eat into his revenues and power base, it will be tossed aside.

And what happens to James, once he's no longer a useful idiot?