Monday, January 26, 2009

Culture of Corruption: Geithner & Gang

So, the Senate confirms that it's OK to be a tax cheat. And still be confirmed as Treasury Secretary, a position with at least nominal responsibility for the IRS..

Well, at least it's ok if you're a Democrat. I doubt that a Republican would get this kind of pass from Harry Reid & gang. Since the vote was 60-34, including 10 Republicans who are ok with the notion that integrity doesn't matter much. Not surprising considering their track record.

It's also a big time saver to appoint the crooks up front – you do away with the idle speculation about who's really busy lining their own pockets.

Bill Richardson should have stuck around. If we're going to overlook Geithner, what's a little construction payola?

Then there's Hillary Clinton’s shilling for the donors to Bill’s foundation. I'm not sure why we think that it's a good idea to allow foreign governments to make donations to the Secretary of State's husband. But there's no reason to worry:

“ Last month, the Clinton Foundation and President Obama's transition team agreed to make public a list of its past contributors, annually publish the names of its current donors and agree to submit future foreign donations to a State Department ethics review. “

Well, thank goodness she's having her flunkys review these donations for “ conflicts of interest”. After all, you wouldn't want anyone with a smidgen of independence going through these records, now would you?

There's also Charlie Rangel and Chris Dodd's (D-Countrywide) malfeasance as well, but it's probably not fair to pin those corruptocrats on Obama.

We appear to be on our way to one of the more corrupt administrations in history. True, the bar's been set pretty high, but Team Obama's appears to be up to the challenge.