Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bush on Immigration

Regrets that his amnesty bill didn't pass. Putting aside the issue that it's usually a bad idea to reward illegal behavior (you only get more of it), given the current economic issues with domestic employment, opening up the borders to a new wave of low wage workers isn't what the doctor ordered.

Indeed, the Republicans have largely lost this issue, due in part to a) big business's desire for cheap labor, and b) allowing this to be framed as an anti-immigrant issue, rather than an anti-criminal issue.

True to recent form, the immigrant who came here legally, stood in line, filled out the forms, and played by the rules is effectively treated by our government as a schmuck beneath contempt; a sucker to be exploited.

The illegal, on the other hand, was to get a free pass and have the welcome mat rolled out.

Good goin' George.

There are many reasons to appreciate the Bush Presidency, but amnesty wasn't one of them.