Monday, January 19, 2009

Bailoutistan: Moola for Mobsters

The next time you hear the old story that the stimulus / bailout / recovery plan / investment strategy bill is all about infrastructure, productivity, the classroom of the 21 st century, and improving healthcare via better record keeping, pls remember that the Mob Museum is still in the stimulus plan.

Since the nature of the plan is to spend as much money as fast as possible, what it’s actually spent on is of little significance.

There only seem to be two relevant criteria for any of these projects:

  • They generate increased government spending and control over the economy on a permanent basis.

  • As much money as much as possible has to go to key Democratic special interest groups. Obviously, the unions are in for a big chunk, it wil be interesting to see how much winds up lining the pockets of ACORN and other radical groups.

Which is why we won’t be seeing significant tax relief as part of the plan. Congress doesn’t trust you enough to let you keep more of your own money.